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3 Mind-Blowing Reasons Why Nokia Stock Reddit Wallstreetbets Is Using This Technique For Exposure | nokia stock reddit wallstreetbets

Nokia stock (or N NAVI) has been making steady gains over recent weeks and months. Wall Streetbills analyst, Brian Mulally, takes a lot of credit for this move by the Finland based manufacturing giant. However, he has not entirely put the brakes on the stock's gain. Here is what Wall Streetbills analyst Brian Mulally had to say about Nokia stock this week:

Wall Street has been very concerned with the state of Nokia recently, because of its many losses in the past year or so. The Finland based manufacturing giant has also had financial trouble in the past, and these setbacks have contributed to the poor performance of N NAVI stock. In fact, N NAVI stock is off of its last price point just before we issued a release regarding its acquisition of Skype. This acquisition may not be the sexiest name, but thanks to redditors, you can take a sneak peek at what the deal is all about. If you are new to stocks, you may not be too excited about Nokia, however, if you are an early bird who knows how to spot trends, then you will definitely want to follow this acquisition closely.

Now, while we have you here, let's discuss some technical terms that are involved when discussing or trading stocks on Reddit. So what is a stock? It is simply a company in which there is a publicly traded company where more than one person or entity owns a significant amount of the shares or otherwise. There are three different types of stocks, and they are common stock, penny stocks, and reverse stock. Let's discuss each of them for a moment. When you first heard about the word “stock,” did you know that it referred to actual physical assets that could be bought and sold?

In the final analysis, Nokia stock is considered a safe holding option, depending upon the current market situation. It is true that we may not see a large shift in the smartphone landscape anytime soon, and Nokia's current problems may prevent them from ever reaching the heights of success that they dreamed of. However, even if their problems don't directly effect the rest of us, what does affect us is the perception that a particular brand or corporation is somehow “special.” This is why Reddit's popular Wall Street trading community has taken on the task of naming the hottest stocks in this tech world, and it is unlikely that this list will end any time soon.

As a long, I have had the pleasure of being associated with Nokia for several years, and during that time we have seen amazing growth in sales, and substantial profits. What was once “an” impressive company has now become the largest mobile device producer in the world, and that success has brought many new partners into the fold. In addition to the partnership with Samsung, Nokia has entered into agreements with manufacturers like LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, and Vodafone. It appears that the dream of a Nokia phone is no longer far off, but it will be interesting to watch how this situation plays out over the coming weeks and months. As a long, who knows what Nokia hopes to accomplish, but one thing is for sure, the dream of owning a Nokona phone will not be fading any time soon.

Most people who follow the news, especially in the online financial investing community, know that hedge funds have been wading into and heavily invested in stock shares that have been negatively impacted by the recent economic crisis. This crisis has largely affected the countries most heavily in terms of trade, and those include the United States, Europe, Japan, China, and South Korea. In this sense, the recent collapse of Microsoft and other U.S. technology companies such as Google, Yahoo, and eBay is not so much a loss for the short term investors in these companies as it is a large gain for the hedge funds that made big profits from these stocks. In contrast, the Nokia group are largely trying to hold onto their existing profits and not lose any ground, however, it will be interesting to see how this situation pans out over the coming weeks and months.

With that said, it would probably be best to keep away from the Nokia stock holdings unless you have significant experience in the field, or an expertise that can help you pick and choose where to put your money. In contrast to the hedge funds that make money on negative market moves in stocks, the Nokia group makes their money on positive moves in the stock market. As you may know, a large part of what hedge funds rely on is research and analysis, and the same holds true for the Nokia stock holdings.

In addition to this week's news, Nokia has recently released earnings reports which showed a loss in the second quarter of fiscal year 2009, and the overall financial situation looks grim for the Finland based company. This is a dire situation for any company in the mid-sized, however, it does represent an opportunity for savvy investors. While it may be difficult to find the stocks that have the ability to gain in value and stay in the investment portfolios, there is still the potential to find the right kind of stock holding. The trick is for investors to know how to read the short sellers and determine if they are being shortchanged, or if they are actually being bought in large numbers by eager investors.

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